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MotM 2024 - Thank you!

Congratulations to all on a successful Music on the Mountain - 2024!

This was an extraordinary year for MotM. Not only did we expand our format to offer an additional day of recreational musicking, but we also had record-breaking attendance by welcoming 30 participants!

If you participated in the 2024 workshop, be on the watch for a survey that will be emailed. If you were not able to participate and wish to share feedback on why you could not attend, please email us at

Look forward to a full workshop review written by Kip Irvine and Jean Cioffi in the Summer VdGSA Newsletter. In the meantime, please enjoy the pictures below!

As a reminder, please like our Facebook page and feel free to share your workshop experience and pictures to that page or tagging the workshop. This is a great way to keep close to our MotM community and share fond memories.


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